"Who hurt you so much that you started to hate yourself?" - Midnight thoughts (what made you so sad)

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lazy sundays are my favorite - have a wonderful day y’all! 🔮🔮🔮
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finally being able to wear hundred layers of black cloth without sweating like a 🐷 #ootd #allblackeverything
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| It is extremely hard trying to except the fact that someone/ something isn’t right for you, when you try so hard to make it right for yourself. #quoteoftheday
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Rowena Xi Kang photographed by Tintin Hedberg for Noise Magazine
"When did loving yourself become so rare, that it’s revolutionary to do so?" - (160/365) by (DS)

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"And as things fell apart, nobody paid much attention."
Recent picture taken in Gaza.
"네가 못난 게 아냐
세상의 눈이 너무 높은 거야
넌 이상한 게 아냐
세상의 눈이 너무 바른 거야
You’re not ugly
The world’s standards are too high
You’re not weird,
The world’s standards are too straight." - Epik High - New Beautiful (via milkako)

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i get really happy when it’s not me who starts the conversation because that removes so much anxiety about whether i’m bothering the person or if they secretly hate me even if i know that’s not true 

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spending my sunday with my mini me 💕
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